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What we do


The concept of mindfulness has been applied to individuals, but rarely has its potential been leveraged at the team and organisational level.


The 21st century organisation needs to perform in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment. We have found that when mindfulness principles are applied to business practices, routines, and strategic thinking, then organisations become more resilient and are able to sustainably excel and compete. They become a Mindful Business.


Drawing on extensive research and board-level consultancy, we use our Mindful Business framework  to help uncover how organisations:

  • Learn
  • Reflect
  • Embrace difficulty
  • Avoid initiative overload
  • Unearth the unspoken
  • Notice what is taken for granted


Based on this audit, we work with Boards and teams, at all levels of the organisation, to advise on what organisational development needs to take place to turn the workplace into a Mindful Business.


If needs be we have the personal experience and personal contacts to help organisations implement the full mindfulness organisational design.


In addition we manage the Mindful Business Bureau, where mindful organisations are invited to join our roundtable and not only share experiences but also benefit from cross organisational benchmarking.


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