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Sustain Healthy Performance



Sustaining healthy performance means paying attention to what individuals, teams and the organisational culture need to remain healthy, happy and fulfilled. Topics such as work hours and patterns, physical comfort and fitness, nutrition and sleep need to be openly discussed within and across teams. The strategic impact of varying these factors is well documented. Yet only few organisations to date have genuinely examined to what extent concerns for health do (or more often do not) impact work decisions and outputs. 


Teams need to work out what sustainable performance means for them, and for their present situation. Cross-team support structures then need to be defined to foster behaviours that are in line with the science on sustainable performance, and these need to be regularly reviewed in order to stay relevant.


Sustainability and resilience are key words in the mindful business. By following the techniques shown in this book not only will the individuals become more resilient but the processes, structures and culture will promote open mindedness and a depth of trust and awareness that will enable the organisation to be resilient to internal and external pressures which in turn will lead to sustainable performance.


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