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Considering Relationships and Interconnectedness



Considering relationships and interconnectedness means promoting these to be a central part of the organisation’s strategy. It is mindless to ignore the importance of good relationships and connections within and across teams, hence we argue that a Mindful Business needs to become aware of the social and emotional networks at play in the organisation. And it needs to manage this complex web of interaction carefully and strategically.


Teams need to be given the space to discover and nurture interconnectedness. Organisational design is key to aligning organisational structure to the strategy, and relationship-based structures and processes play an important part in bringing mindfulness to workplaces. However, many organisations still operate in traditional functional areas, creating silos or stove pipes that stifle communication and interconnectedness. Therefore considering different organisational designs that allow the building of relationships and trust is key to a Mindful Business. Those organisations who do this well often have parallel organisational structures designed into the business that allow cross functional communication and understanding.


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