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Foster Citizenship



Fostering citizenship or stewardship means promoting balanced and prosocial behaviour at the level of the whole organisation. Unless trust, respect, and open minds are targeted directly and strategically, organisational wellbeing and performance cannot become sustainable. There is a huge body of research that shows that having highly engaged individuals who care about each other and about the wellbeing of the organisation leads to higher performance. Fostering a mindful organisational culture that rewards citizenship will enable that organisation to speed up.


Teams need to create and embed resourcing and performance management models that promote organisational citizenship. Individuals need to be rewarded for helping behaviours, and excellence in stewardship needs to be showcased and publicly celebrated. Research has shown that collective or organisation-wide mindfulness can only take root if the organisation’s employees and stakeholders relate to each other with equanimity and a prosocial outlook. And this prosocial outlook needs to be explicitly embedded in the organisation’s fabric, to ensure its ongoing success.


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