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Embrace Difficulty



Embracing difficulty means becoming comfortable with what ordinary organisations find uncomfortable. After learning to systematically paying attention to the here and now, promoting equanimity, and noticing the automatic, the organisation has created a platform to genuinely move towards difficult topics such as how problems and failure are (or are not) raised, discussed, and processed, and why performance and resource management in reality hardly ever reflect the organisation’s strategy.


Recognising that chaos and unpredictability are here to stay, teams need to work out effective ways to “frontload the pain” of tackling uncomfortable topics early. This requires diplomacy, a lot of level headedness, and an honest look at how to build such a modus operandi into operations without jeopardising operational targets, alienating stakeholders, or taking the eyes off the competitive landscape.


Organisations are generally great at following the simple path to the resolution of any problem. Oversimplifying the problem and moving on too quickly can often lead to more complex problems down the line. Organisations who embrace difficulty and who slow down to consider the implications will ultimately be able to speed past competitors.

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