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Proactively Create Complexity



Proactively creating complexity is somewhat paradoxical for today’s business world but it is based on a solid body of evidence. As the famous quote by Intel co-founder Andrew Grove suggests, “only the paranoid survive”. Research has shown that organisations only become mindful if they systematically avoid simplifying the challenges at hand.


As we saw in Chapter 7 embracing difficulty will lead to organisations performing more sustainably. But, it is one thing embracing those difficulties and quite another in proactively going out of your way to create complexity. Organisations can only achieve this if they slow down to give the space to become mindful of that complexity.


Teams need to practice and become comfortable with complex problem constellations. Effectively, the goal is to promote a new “autopilot” way of dealing with any challenge: one which assumes difficult, complex questions for which there are no simple answers. Only by reframing the organisation’s overall relationship with complexity can an organisation become a Mindful Business. 

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