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Becoming a Mindful Business is a journey that can be long or short depending on your initial level of mindfulness. Therefore the first step in the process is for us to undertake The Mindful Business Audit. Once your level of mindfulness is established we can then work with you to design and plan the necessary changes and interventions needed within the business. Then as your Mindful Business works towards a level of maturity we will also invite you to join The Mindful Business Bureau.



1. The Mindful Business Audit


You may of course already have developed a number of mindfulness routines and proceses so we need to firstly determine the Mindfulness levels within your Business. Therefore, before being able to advise you on the design of your mindful organisation, we will carry out the initial audit. 
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2. A Mindful Business Organisational Design

One of the outcomes of the audit is to help you understand where to tweak or to re-design certain aspects of your organisation.


Given our vast experience in this area we can work with you to strategically plan the design and implementation. The depth of this help will depend on your level of organisational mindfulness as well as the experience of your own team in organisational re-designs. In addition we have access to a large pool of associates who can work with you to help implement or train your employees in individual mindfulness techniques.


Our aim is to make you as self sufficient as possible and to gently guide you in the right direction.



3. The Mindful Business Bureau

As an ongoing service to interested parties you are invited, for an annual fee, to join the Mindful Business Bureau.


The Mindful Business Bureau is an exclusive club which will give you access to the following knowledge and services:


  • The Mindful Business Roundtable
  • The Mindful Business Performance Benchmark Index
  • An annual Mindful Business Journey Review



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