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What is a Mindful Business?

A Mindful Business proactively generates space to address problems before they turn into disasters; consciously engages in critical discussions; and is comfortable with the inevitable reality that nothing can be taken for granted.



      Mindfulness as a                  Team Sport          

Mental resilience depends much more on social factors and mindfulness as a team sport is more than people mediating together; its about a mind-set shift from a me-focus to a we-focus.


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        What we do                                 

The concept of mindfulness has been applied to individuals, but rarely has its potential been leveraged at the team and organisational level 



Resources & materials

We have created a whole host of resources on this topic 



Working with you

Becoming a Mindful Business is a journey which begins with a Mindful Business Audit and concludes with a Mindful Business re-Design 



Who we are

Dr Jutta Tobias and Dr Dina Gray are renowned academics and consultants who have worked together for over two decades




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